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Why Should Have Blue Cross?

Why Should You Have Blue Cross?

According to Blue Cross, Justin Ford Kimball.

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In Found in 1929, at Baller University in Dallas, Texas, USA. This teacher was developed to guarantee $ 7 a year for 21 days of hospital care. Later the plan was expanded to other people in the Dallas area and then to the whole country.

In 1939 Blue Cross was used to include other plans as well. Blue Cross is a name used in collaboration with health insurance schemes throughout the United States.

It was founded by Justin Ford Kimball in Baylor University in Dallas, Texas, in 1929. The first scheme guaranteed teachers, this plan was extended to other staff groups in Dallas and then to the national level. American Hospital Association (AHAA) adopted the Blue Cross sign as a symbol of the plan to meet certain standards in 1939.

That’s why it stands today because Blue Cross is an independent membership organization working on the basis of service and mainly provides protection against hospital care costs. Benefit payment is done directly in the hospital The benefits are different between different Blue Cross Associations.

van Steinweich, who was the company secretary of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.

Blue Cross was now used to be used in other parts of the country. It is currently a national trade organization that connects 40 health insurance companies in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

It is believed that the operation of Blue Cross is considered as a franchise in particular specified areas. Currently, these services are available in every state, which is in the United States and every Canadian province.

Blue Cross is very popular in providing coverage to state as well as federal government employees and they are very important in the administration of social security.

The need to make this money has become so unruly that one-third of the population in the US cannot afford medical insurance and the medical bill is the main reason for bankruptcy today. This is the reason why state and federal regulation of health insurance companies is essential

Medical insurance companies, on the other hand, can face unexpected incidents such as chicken flu, where a large percentage of their clients are suddenly facing a horrible hospital bill suddenly.

Theoretically, it can be insolvent for a very short time frame, so to prevent this situation, medical insurance companies use different types of checks and balances to pay the beneficiaries.

And of course, it is a good thing that those who are most likely to seek health insurance are those who are likely to have medical problems present or future. It is also known that if the cost of healthcare is less than the use of medical benefit, then the cost is very high or not.

So to find the balance where medical services are required is not available, but there is no misuse of extension that if you visit the doctor to cut every paper, appropriate protection dealings should be in place.

So in principle, if people will exercise, eat healthy food, avoid addictive substances, it will reduce the prices of health insurance because insurance companies are responsible to pay at least the medical doctor bills as well.

However, you can also say that too much insurance premium will be paid in the executive pay or will be kept as a profit by the company.


Source: Global Insurance Advisory

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