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Will Your Auto Insurance Storm?

Will Your Auto Insurance Storm?

Severe storms can cause enormous property damage home.

They can do the same in your car. Hurricanes are getting worse, what can you do? Take a look at your insurance policy Ron Berry, senior vice president of the Council of Best Business Bureau, says, “Many times, people do not know that they lack a certain type of coverage unless they try to claim”


In fact, according to the Property Claim Services (PCS) unit of the ISO, the number of claims reported for loss of vehicles due to severe storms in the first five years of this century has almost doubled, from calamities in the United States Authorized authorities on the loss of the insured property.


Fortunately, the Institute of Insurance Information (III), a non-profit organization, says that comprehensive coverage will reimburse you for losses due to fire, falling objects, storms, vandalism, animals, and floods.


Typically, $ 100 to $ 300 can be deducted for comprehensive insurance, however, if you want more to reduce your premium, comprehensive insurance will compensate you if your windshield is broken or shattered


“But, even if you have extensive coverage, it is not always guaranteed to meet your personal needs,” says Caroline Gorman, vice president of IRI, IE. “For example, you can be surprised to know that after the storm your auto insurance replacement does not cover the cost of the rental car automatically, while your car is in the repair shop or you authorize a new car Waiting for. ”


He said that for a replacement car rental, a person could pay $ 1000 equivalent, “rental reimbursement coverage, which is only a couple of dollars in a month while covering the cost of a rental car Your car is being repaired or you are waiting for authorization for a new car. Car rental for one day can cost more than one full year for rent reimbursement Coverage, “said Gorman.


If your car has ever been damaged in the storm:


  • Learn how your insurance covers. Do not wait to find out whether this does not include comprehensive or emergency roadside assistance or rental car will not be covered


  • Report damage as soon as possible. If your car is not qualified for drying, then your agent or claim center may be able to save you time and money by putting you directly into the repair facility and providing you with a replacement car.


  • Know your deductible and any other additional charges before authorizing the work, expect your insurance adjuster to claim the evaluator of the representative or repair facility to review the damage with you and use the original or general auto parts. Explain the process.
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