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Find A Quick Way To Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Taking Out Travel Insurance

Find A Quick Way To Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Taking Out Travel Insurance

Published By Global Insurance Advisory

Everything you ever wanted to know about taking out travel insurance

All, without exception -I included-, we asked ourselves before starting a trip if we should hire travel insurance. We consult different insurance websites to see prices and services and weigh whether we hire them or not … and we even ask family and friends (not the mom, because we know she will always tell us yes!). If it were not for the price, I think almost all would say yes. But considering that it is usually a good pinch of the budget traveler, we felt a lot.

I always say that the “travel insurance” is like the seatbelt in the car, we put it not only so that we are not fined, but because although we think we will not have any accidents, in case of suffering it is better to have it on, do not? Travel insurance many see it as a “useless expense” because one thinks that nothing will happen … but what if? – Let’s touch wood! In that case, it is better to “be insured.”

I believe there are destinations that one can “play” and travel without insurance because the destination has “economic” medical care … but others, like the United States of America … do not step on it without insurance! Just by taking the temperature in a hospital you will have to mortgage your entire family, including the dog! (OK, I’m exaggerating … but medical care in the US is beyond the reach of many mortals). And, on the contrary, sometimes you will not have a choice since there are countries that force you to carry medical insurance, such as countries in the “Schengen Area” (Europe), or Cuba.

So, are you going on a trip soon and you wonder if it is convenient to hire travel insurance? I can not tell you that you should hire him, nor will I convince you otherwise. I believe that each one must make his decision … but based on the real and useful information.

In this article, I tell you what travel insurance is, what it covers and what it does not cover and the alternatives (credit card insurance and private medical insurance). From here it is your decision!

I will not do a breakdown of each insurance, each credit and debit card and each private medical insurer because it would be an eternal and unabated article, mainly because you read me from different points of the planet, but if it is a guide, so you know what you have to take into account when weighing if you hire or not the service and what type of insurance is the one that suits you.

What is travel insurance?

The “travel insurance” is a set of services that a company offers to cover or solve any problem you may suffer during your trip, whether you have to announce at the last minute, the loss or delay of luggage until illness, accident, and death. That is all those EMERGENCIES that arise during your trip.

The service and the price usually depend on the type of trip you are going to make, the duration and the destination among other factors. It is not the same to travel 15 days to rest on a beach in Italy than to take a 6-month trip through Southeast Asia. The “risks” are different, and therefore the type of insurance you need too.

What does travel insurance include?

Depending on the service you hire, the services included (and the amounts) are different. Among the basic services provided by virtually all travel insurance companies are:

  • Medical expenses for illness – contracted during the trip or accident: Here it is important that you see up to what amount (money) covers you. It is not the same that covers you up to € 15,000 up to € 100,000. Imagine that you have to operate urgently … depending on which country you find € 15,000 will be much (Cambodia or Bolivia, for example) or very little (USA and Canada, for example). A way to know if the amount of coverage is good for the country or countries to which you are going, find out for example, the costs of medical care in that country.
  • Drugs you need because of that illness or accident: Here it is also important to verify the maximum amounts that each coverage gives you and also if they offer the service to get you medicines that are not available in the country if you need it.
  • Hospitalization or stay expenses in case you should lengthen it due to the need for rest or rehabilitation: As in the previous cases, you should look very well at the maximum amounts of coverage, because if you need to stay hospitalized or extend your stay in a country for a accident or illness, it is necessary that the insurance assures you a minimum of days and money to cover the expenses. In this section you can also find out if, in case of hospitalization, they pay the expenses to a family member so that they travel and be by your side in those difficult moments. Many companies pay the air / train / bus to your relative and also pay the expenses to accompany you up to X number of days (sometimes 7, sometimes 10 …). They usually put a maximum of between € 60 and € 100 a day.
  • Emergency dentistry: This insurance is for an EMERGENCY and not for you to do the annual review. It is also important to be covered because a toothache can ruin your trip … just like if you have an accident and you break your teeth!
  • Health transfers if necessary (ambulance, medical plane, etc.)
  • Health and mortal remains repatriation. One does not want to think about this, but if you die during the trip, the costs of taking your mortal remains to your country of origin are very high. This is a real insurance for those who survive, so they do not have to mortgage for “take you back home.” You should look for an insurance that guarantees 100% of expenses and read the fine print!
  • Translation service (in hospitals, police, etc.)
  • Compensation for loss or delay of luggage. Honestly, insurers in general pay very little for this, but it’s better than nothing. If you are going to travel with expensive equipment, notify them and try to extend the insurance so that, in case of theft or damage of the material, you will be compensated as it should be.
  • Legal assistance. This is important because, imagine that you rent a motorcycle and have an accident and run over someone … very possibly you need legal help.

To these essential services you can always add extras (with their increase in the price, of course) of other services that you think you will need, for example, if you plan to do “extreme” sports.

Source: Global Insurance Advisory

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