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What Is Best Travel Apps World Wide And How Does It Work?

What Is Best Travel Apps World Wide And How Does It Work?

Published By Global Insurance Advisory

Nowadays nobody moves to the corner without their smart phone and, without any doubt, it has become an excellent travel tool: in addition to the functions of the first telephone, it usually has GPS and maps, camera and video, access Internet and therefore to social networks and mail. But the best part is that every day there are more apps or “apps” created exclusively to make your life easier when you travel.

Maps. Me It is the definitive app for city maps! I have used it throughout my trip through South America 2015, and it has been great! The best? Download the outlines of the countries when you have access to wifi, and then you can use them offline.

CityMapper: This app helps you organise your route through the cities, either on foot, by bike or by public transport. Even when you have to do the combination in subway/subway, it tells you in what car you should go up so that later you are facing the door through which you must walk to make your combination.

Packing (+ Todo!) Will advise you on what to take depending on the destination you go to.

Busuu will help you learn some necessary words and expressions in the local language.

Wifi Finder will come to you when you look for a free internet point. Also for Android.

GateGuru will help you find the boarding gate and will offer you updated information about your flight, and if you have Android, you can try FlySmart.

SeatGuru will help you choose the best seat on a plane by showing you the flight of the aircraft.

TravelSafe Pro provides information on emergency telephones in all countries of the world (police, ambulance and fire brigade). The Emergency app offers this same service.

Safety Map World Wide allows you to see, within a city, the most “dangerous” areas or the areas that you should avoid at night.

Word Lens Translator will translate the posters into your language, so you will not feel so lost. There are not yet many languages available, but it’s a good start.

Cam Dictionary allows you to translate menus, posters or anything that is printed in your language.

Talking and translating is a voice and text translator that allows you to communicate in over 40 languages (voice) and 72 words (text) almost simultaneously.

Uber offers similar services to the taxi, but cheaper.

Touristeye ideal to plan your trip, the sites of interest and consult offline maps.

Foodspotting will help you find a place to eat and has reviews from other users.

Expensify facilitates the cumbersome task of controlling expenses. It is straightforward to use and then generates a report on what kind of losses you have made, etc.

XE Currency Exchange is the ideal app for currency conversions.

The time hour by hour is ideal to know the weather at any point of the planet.

Entrain will help you readjust the dream and avoid the dreaded jetlag.

Vaccines have a section by countries in which you will discover which vaccines are obligatory and which are the recommended ones if you want to travel to that destination.

Narrator: This app allows you to create online travel journals -public or private- and share them on your social networks. It is a good option if you want to share your trips but does not want to create a blog.

Steller: This app allows you to tell a trip, a story, a moment … from your photographs, videos and the possibility of creating texts. (iOS)

Dubble: Innovating a little in the field of mobile applications, Dubble creates images exposing your photo with that of other users (iOS).

* I have updated this list in May 2017. I will keep updating it as you create new useful applications for travel.

Source: Global Insurance Advisory

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